Is a Bachelor’s Degree Still Worth It? (Part 3 of 3)

Universities are already responding to the criticism that they are not advancing their acceptance for the job market. My alma mater, the University of British Columbia, runs the Arts Tri-Mentoring Affairs area it matches acceptance in the Faculty of Arts with alumni associates who allotment the aforementioned the major. The program, now in its tenth year, requires advisers to accommodated with mentees at atomic four times during the academy year, during which time aggregate from career goals to the job bazaar to alum schools is discussed. “The purpose of the program, says Bonita Perko, the UBC alumni relations administrator managing the program, “is to accommodate acceptance an befalling to alteration from university to the alive world.”

Mentors can yield their mentees to their abode to job shadow, facilitate advisory interviews for their students, and allure acceptance to industry-related events. The Arts mentoring affairs teaches acceptance how to account for jobs, present themselves at networking events, and address resumes and LinkedIn profiles. “Feedback from acceptance in the accomplished tends to be that they can’t accept how abundant they were able to apprentice from their alumni mentor.” says Perko.

University graduates can yield abundance that, over time, those with degrees do accomplish academy incomes than those with just a top academy or academy diploma. Paul Davidson, admiral of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, declared in The Globe and Mail.

that “the basal apriorism that the amount of a B.A. is not what it acclimated to be is wrong.” In his research, based on demography information, Davidson begin that humans with a basal undergraduate amount accomplish $1.4 actor added over their lifetime than those with no post-secondary education, and $1 actor added than academy grads.

Based on 2008 data, Statistics Canada begin that the assets of university graduates from Canadian universities was 70 percent academy than those with just a top academy or abstruse training diploma, and 63 percent academy in country associates of the Alignment for Economic Cooperation and Development.

An October 2014 address appear by the Analysis Universities’ Council of B.C. begin that university acceptance who accelerating 5 years ago accept a lower unemployment amount than the bigoted average. The address looked at acceptance who completed an undergraduate amount from the afterward B.C. universities: UBC, SFU, University of Victoria, UNBC, Royal Roads, and Thompson Rivers. It begin that 5 years afterwards graduation, the unemployment amount for these acceptance was 4.7 per cent, able-bodied beneath the 2013 B.C. adolescence unemployment amount of 12.9 per cent, and beneath B.C.’s all-embracing unemployment amount of 6.6 per cent.

Ultimately, we all apperceive that earning a abstract amount doesn’t conductor a getting appropriate into a advantageous job at the outset, in the aforementioned way that a amount in medicine, law or engineering might. Nor does a B.A. in anthropology beggarly that the apprentice gets to plan as an anthropologist. Abundant depends on how applicants present themselves to employers, area they attending for work, and the kinds of positions they administer to. And let’s not overlook – it’s aswell important who the appellant knows aural an employer’s organization.

Tim McCready, who advised beheld art and advice at the University of Windsor and has formed for Vice annual and The Strombo Show on CBC, told the Toronto Star

that the devaluing of an arts amount has annihilation to do with the amount itself, and aggregate to do with the economy. “I don’t anticipate it’s about the degree, it’s about accomplishment traveling down, charge traveling up,” he says. McCready, who’s been alive in the arts for about 10 years, says getting acquainted of these harder realities just fabricated him administer himself added diligently. “I’ve consistently accepted that [the arts] is area my strengths lie,” he says. “That’s why I bankrupt my ass.”

– arts education victoria